It's been a tough summer for Tigers fans. The bullpen goes best with a dose of Maalox. But at least the Tigers have been to the World Series twice in the past decade.

Photo: Dave Benson

And they won in 1984. Turn your head to the west. Yep, there's the Chicago Cubs. Last World Series - 1945 (vs. the Tigers, by the way) Last World Series win: 1908. So while we were on vacation last week, partly in the Chicago area, we stopped at the Mall and I found a sports stuff store. And there, hanging at the front is the banner pictured. "World Series Champions! 1907-1908." Okay, everybody needs something to celebrate. But if you can zoom in on the price tag and description, that made me laugh. Its describes it as follows- Cubs Dynasty Banner. Needless to say, this goes hand in hand with the most apt Chicago Cub joke. "Every team is entitled to a bad century."