As you are out spending all that holiday money you got beware! It is a scam to steal your car!

It looks like someone is paying it forward or just still in the holiday spirit putting a $100 on your car windshield, but that is not it at all. Most will not see the money until they are already in the car and as cold as it is out, you probably have started it too. Well you are not going to turn off the car to just grab something on your windshield, so you get out with the car running. That is when someone is waiting to jump in your car and drive away.

This is a real scam going on right now. Luckily it is not in Michigan, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be!

So what do you do when you see the money on your windshield? It is recommended to run strait back to the store you left and call the police. I would probably just drive off with the money on there until I knew it was safe then grab it. Chances are it is probably fake anyway.