I was debating whether to mention this on the blog, but for some folks this is a pop icon, and for others it can be a guilty pleasure, for at times the campiness is so bad…it's good.I saw the write up of the Blu-Ray release of the TV version of "Batman." Chances are you probably saw it rerun over the years on one TV channel or another.

The original run was a TV phenomenon. Half an hour on Wednesday with a cliffhanger, and then another half hour on Thursday. Adam West and Burt Ward were Batman and Robin. Shakespearean actors they were not. They played it campy, but straight.

It worked on two levels. Kids could enjoy it for what it was, a comic book come to life. Anyone older could enjoy the guest stars. guest cameos and some of the sly adult humor slipped in. Hollywood stars who had kids clamored to be cast as villians. Here's a link to the actors who appeared on Batman.

If nothing else, it would make a fun Christmas gift.