I have been thinking a lot about what I would do If I won the Powerball Jackpot.I first would do what most people would do. Pay off all my debts and give to charity, family and friends. Then the fun begins!

I would first sell my house, or give it away and build a brand new one. Then donate my truck and buy a new one! I would still work Monday - Friday and do the morning show because I love doing it. Except I would be doing it from my brand new studio I put in house! Then maybe a few vacations, road trips, and see how much a jetpack would cost me. I would invest a good chunk of it into my very own food chain call "Willed Cheese". Yep, I would have a chain of grilled cheese restaurants. Finally with what every I had left I would buy Superbowl tickets. Oh no not just for this season, for the rest of my life!

Pretty much the point I am getting at is after donating and helping family and friends, I would blow through it all pretty fast. So, how would you spend the money?