One thing that I will get myself arrested for is going off on someone who is neglecting their animal. There's nothing that angers me more, than someone thinking they can be cruel to an animal that is helpless. We are constantly reminded of this watching those commercials on tv, but when it comes to seeing it with your very eyes. Hold Me back!!

But, since being arrested is not something I really want to get myself into, I found an article of what I could do if I witness such cruelty. I wonder how many other people will go to the slammer for this?

The facts

  • Animal neglect is considered a misdemeanor crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • All but 9 states (Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico and North Carolina) specifically require pet owners to provide adequate shelter for a pet outside, the definition of which generally includes some variation of “protection from the elements or extreme weather.”
  • Felony penalties can be levied in Massachusetts and Oklahoma for any animal neglect case.
  • Felony charges can be applied in animal neglect resulting in death in California, Connecticut, Florida and Washington, D.C.

 How you can help

  • Report what you see: Take note of the date, time, exact location and the type of animal(s) involved and write down as many details as possible about the situation. Video and photographic documentation of the animal, the location, the surrounding area, etc. (even a cell phone photo) will help bolster your case.
  • Contact your local animal control agency or county sheriff's office and present your complaint and evidence. Take detailed notes regarding who you speak with and when. Respectfully follow up in a few days if the situation has not been remedied.
  • If you still need help, call The HSUS or email us.