Updates have been released on the crash that occurred Thursday September 3 in the afternoon on Eastbound I-94 near Paw Paw at exit 60. Authorities stated the crash was reported at 2:15pm, and as late as 4:45pm listeners were still calling in to our radio station to report the back up in traffic, as the police had the entire eastbound lanes shut down.

It is reported by Mlive that  the crash involved one semi truck and four other vehicles. The crash occurred at a portion of the highway where a construction project caused slowed traffic, and as he approached, the semi driver wasn't being as attentive as he could have been. This semi that was involved in the crash failed to stop as traffic slowed and this initiated the accident.

One Illinois man who was riding in one of the other vehicles involved was killed at the age of 72 as a result of this crash.