If you watch the new season of The Bachelor you’re already sick of Corinne Olympios, the new villain.  If ABC didn’t cast a villain, the show wouldn't be as compelling, at least in my opinion.  However, THIS girl is a NIGHTMARE.

    • She is constantly talking about how she runs a billion dollar company with her family, referring to herself as a "serious business woman"
    • She talks about herself in third person
    • She said, "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum"
    • She took off her top on the first date with Nick Viall after jealousy ensues
    • I lost count of how many times she interrupted other women who were having one-on-one conversations with Nick.

It gets worse.  Corinne gets super drunk and calls out the one woman who decided to interrupt her 342394th one-on-one.  She drunkenly blabs about how rude it is to interrupt her. NICK GAVE HER A ROSE AFTER THE GROUP DATE.  Makes you wonder if he really wants to find a wife or if he is looking for someone like the drunken mess that is Corinne.  Here are some hilarious and brutal yet true Tweets about her:



Bonus Video