Have you ever been in the situation where you say hi to someone that you thought was someone you knew and they didn't know who you were? Well It's embarrassing if you have yet to experience it.

Over the weekend I was driving in my Ford Edge with my sister Kate and my daughter on South Westnedge (just left the movies)land I drove past Auto Zone. I noticed a bunch of classic cars and one orange and black one that I recognized. I was like "Oh Kate there's my friend Brian's car, lets stop over and say hi." So, I pulled in the Auto Zone parking lot with all the classic cars and people hanging out by them and I saw Brian. I drive up to him and say "Hi Brian" and I get the weirdest look and I keep on driving. Maybe that's not him. It looked just like Brian. I was embarrassed for yelling out his name with no response back from him but a weird glare and as I  drove past him, I accidentally drove up on the curb. NOW I feel like a big dumb a$$.

I had to back up and turn my car around, because there is no way out but going back the way I came in. I was going to say hi one more time and as I did, I still got a "who are you" look and then I said his last name and then my sister yells,"It's Krista." Then he realized who I was and finally came over to chat. Thank Goodness it was him and I wasn't yelling out of my car window to some stranger.

Anyway, that's my story!!! Thanks Brian Lavalle:)

Krista Hatcher