A 63 year old Grandmother was arrested at Detroit Metro Airport for attempting to sneak $500,00 worth of coke on a plane.

According to the Detroit Free Press...

"The woman, court records show, looked suspicious at the luggage carousel at Metro Airport, so federal agents followed her.  She was arrested three hours later in Detroit and made her one allowable phone call: It was supposed to be to her daughter, a prosecutor said, but the contact on her phone read "Loverboy."

Cheryle Cheatham from Phoenix, is a Grandmother of 3 (which she lives with), was jailed on Monday and denied bond because of the amount of drugs she was busted with.  The Grandmother has a shaky past, that includes shoplifting, selling drugs and failing to appear in court.

According to the Detroit Free Press things came crashing in on her when Federal agents followed her out of the airport and after a few hours instructed a state trooper to pull her over.

"A state trooper made the stop, at the request of the agents. The driver gave consent to search the vehicle, records show. The trooper then used his police K9 named Otto to sniff the vehicle.

Otto detected drugs.

The trooper then found the two suitcases with bundles of cocaine wrapped in plastic: eight in one suitcase; nine in the other, records show. The drugs were tucked under some towels and clothes, a prosecutor said in court."

The woman is claiming she has a mental illness and desires to return to live with her daughter and get help. In the end the judge sided with the prosecutor, and refused bond.

One question through...who is "Loverboy"?