It's our turn to take care of Pediatric Nurse Becky, who has helped many or your beautiful little babies right here in our community.

I'm a nurse at Bronson's Children's Hospital and am coordinating a
Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for a fellow coworker and friend.  My dear
friend, Becky was diagnosed with a fast growing type of breast cancer
last year.  The chemo and radiation did it's job and she thought she had
won the battle and had even returned to work.  About a month and a half
ago she went to an appointment for headaches and dizziness thought to be
caused from radiation and learned the cancer has spread to her brain.
There are many spots and it unfortunately is inoperable...terrible news!

Becky has endured a month long stent of full brain radiation and is
waiting for an MRI appointment that will give her a better picture of her
prognosis. No matter what the outcome, she won't be returning to Bronson as a
pediatric nurse. On our floor we take care of many cancer patients and
grow attached to them and their families.  However, we never think about
one of us going from nurse to patient.

Becky is by far one of the most positive and courageous people I know and
has remained optimistic and strong through her battle, continues to
fight, and draw strength from her faith, family, friends, and community.

Our event is:
October 2nd
Portage Free Methodist Church
1715 West Centre Ave
5pm to 8pm