Just weeks ago, Arianna Quan was crowned Miss Michigan, she is the 1st Asian-American to hold this title. According to Mlive, in the weeks following this great accomplishment, a storm of hate mail, texts and Facebook post have rolled in calling her ugly.

Curious about some of the mean things Quan has dealt with? People have told her:

"She's ugly."

"Why doesn't she worry about diversity in China?"

"How did she win Miss Michigan?"

Also, questioning how she can compete in the Miss America contest because she doesn't look American. Yes, she was born in Beijing China and came to the US when she was 6 years old, but she became a naturalized citizen when she was 14. That makes her an American! She is beautiful, but she is also very smart! Her platform is "Being American: Immigration and Citizenship Education", and isn't that what we need in today's society? I know that beauty pageants have always claimed that it is not just beauty that is considered (of course the bathing suit portion of the show doesn't portray that), but that the Miss America contest is an all around competition, looks, heart, soul, talent, brains.

This gal has it all, along with a sense of humor and grace that has carried her through a time of nastiness.  I think she is FABULOUS, I am proud to have her representing the great state of Michigan, and haters should just keep those awful, wrong thought to themselves!

Finally, "love your hair, hope you win!"