This is probably the best idea Netflix has ever had.

Photo By: Pascal Le Segretain /Getty Images

According to The GuardianNetflix now officially offers subscribers the option to download some shows for offline viewing. The feature is available on Android and iOS devices, and includes many TV series and movies, including Netflix's original content. It's free to download but you must be connected to wi-fi while downloading in order to watch later.

Heather McGregor has had a rough time setting up her internet because the previous tennant didn't pay their bill, causing a hold with the cable company.  In the meantime, she's been spending money on TV series and movies.  She planned to sign up for Netflix once she finally got the internet set up but now she doesn't have to wait.  We have wi-fi here at work that she can use to download whatever she wants to watch when she gets home to her internet-less house.

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