Gossip makes us healthier and happier. Talking about someone behind their back is what sets us apart from other species, and could make you live longer.

An article in The Daily Mail found that most people feel guilty after gossiping about someone. Scientists have found that gossiping is what makes us human.   Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University says gossiping is actually a way of survival for humans.

Gossiping is just chatting with people and keeping up to date with the social world in which you live. So gossip is what makes us human. The use of gossip in a negative sense is not seen until the 18th century.

Gossip is not meant to destory someone's life, the idea is that as language developed it let humans communicate better and made them more likely to pass on useful information, allowing them to live in larger groups.

The article explains that the people who gossip for rumors started out as journalists to inform other of who to avoid and who to trust.  If you're going to gossip, be careful.  It can be beneficial and healthy, but if you use it against someone, it could ruin them.

Photo By:Steve Frost/ ThinkStock