Play this fun candy trivia with a friend or co-worker today! I just asked Will Harvey #3 and he bombed it. Not as easy as you think!

1.  The first version of Lucky Charms cereal was Cheerios with Circus Peanuts . . . those disgusting orange marshmallow things.

Yes:  A guy named John Holahan came up with the idea in 1962.

2.  Milky Way bars came out before we nicknamed our GALAXY the "Milky Way".

No: The ancient Romans called the Milky Way "via lactea", which translates as either "road of milk" or "way of milk."  The candy didn't come out until 1923.

3.  Three Musketeers bars got their name because they originally came as three different pieces that were chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Yes:  They started selling them in 1932, and went all chocolate in 1945, because it was the most popular flavor.

4.  Tootsie Rolls were named after the inventor's daughter, Clara.

Yes:  He invented them in 1896, and named them after his five-year-old, whose NICKNAME was Tootsie.

5.  The middle layer of a piece of Candy Corn is yellow.  Starting at the fat end, the layers are orange, yellow, then white.

No:  The middle section is orange.  It's YELLOW, orange, then white.