Ed Sackley, who founded WRKR and who owned 103.3 KFR in the late 1990's grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. He is now happily retired. This year, he and his wife Jan have been traveling the world, and had a trip to the Holy Land planned for a while now.Cubs fan are not used to planning around the World Series. Obviously. As Sackley posted from Haifa, Israel on Facebook early Thursday morning:

Photo courtesy Ed and Jan Sackley. Used by permission.

"The Goat and Bartman are in the dustbin of history now. So great to listen to the entire game on the RADIO with Pat and Ron. Thinking about the '69 team and the few who remain to savor this moment in history. Wearing my Ernie #14 T-shirt proudly. Jan took this picture after the final out. It's OK to cry in baseball ... once every 108 years. #FlyTheW"

Funny thing is, The Sackley were at the Cubs spring training opener earlier this year, with close friend and fellow Cubs die-hard Larry Bell. Up until maybe a few days ago, the dream of a Cubs' world championship was pretty hard to wrap one's mind around. Not any more.

In a brief Facebook conversation this afternoon, Sackley says: "I saw 4 Israelis with Cubs shirts incorporating Hebrew today. I'm gonna find one to remind me where I was when the goat was retired. Grinning? You betcha."