4 foods you should stay away from

According to Madamenoir.com, you might have the healthiest relationship in the world.  But even a solid relationship can be taken down by some solids…and liquids. :P

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    Dairy is like sludge in your intestines. A little dairy is fine, but this isn'’t a cheese and fruit platter. This is a pie smothered in cheese. It will cause indigestion, cramps and gas in just about anyone after an hour in your digestive tract. It’s also made with gluten, and most people have some sensitivity to the food allergen. You won’t fight about the dishes, but you will fight about who gets the bathroom.

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    Cake, Candy & Sweets

    The glycemic index on cakes and other sweets is so high. And you’re not 10 years old anymore—you don’t have hours of hyper energy to play in the bouncy house until you crash. You will feel that sugar crash before you even get home.

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    Red Meat

    Red meat wreaks havoc on your colon.  Red meat is one of the top foods that causes acid reflux, so you’ll wake up in the middle of the night in discomfort, and then you’ll be cranky the next morning.

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    Fried Foods

    Hydrogenated oils, —which fried foods are inevitably fried in,— have been shown to cause feelings of depression.

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