Cedar Point recently announced that they will retire the Mean Streak in September.  Mean Streak will join a long list of rides that have gone away in recent years.  Here are five memorable ones that no longer exist at the park.

Shoot The Rapids

This was a log flume ride that shut down after last season.   It was only around for 5 years.


Space Spiral

A Gyro Tower that allowed guest to get a 360 degree view of not only the park, but of the area around Sandusky, Ohio.   It was imploded in 2012 to make room for Gatekeeper.


Disaster Transport

This enclosed bobsled coaster began as Avalanche Run in 1985 before it was renovated to become Disaster Transport five years later.  Along with the Space Spiral, it was demolished to make room for Gatekeeper in 2012.



The Wildcat was a steel coaster featuring small cars that would take many small turns and go down small hills.   It was scrapped after the 2011 season for the expansion of Celebration Plaza.


Demon Drop

The Demon Drop was a freefall ride that was closed in 2009.  It was relocated to Dorney Park In Pennsylvania.  Ocean Motion now sits where the Demon Drop once stood.