A Michigan couple will have one of the most rockin' wedding receptions ever.  Firehouse is playing their big day.

While waiting for Firehouse to take the stage Friday Night I met Ken and Shirley of Allen Park, Michigan.

TSM: Dana Marshall

When I asked Shirley why she wanted Firehouse to play her wedding she said,

I have been listening to Firehouse since I was a kid..their music has helped me through a lot in my life...hard times...fun times...sad times.

I told Shirley that after her soon to be husband got Firehouse to play their wedding, he has a free pass to get away with a lot now.  She agreed.  Ken and Shirley's rockin' wedding will be October 29th.

Photo courtesy of Shirley Sarazin

If you could have any rock band  play your wedding who would you choose?  I don't have a budget for a rock band, but if I did...Hmm...I'm not sure who I would chose.

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Bonus Picture: That's a very young Dana Marshall with Firehouse in 1991.  Lead vocalist CJ on the left, 18 year old Dana in the center and former bassist Perry on the right.

TSM: Dana Marshall