Voting in Michigan got ugly yesterday.


No matter your political views you have the right to vote, and do it  safely. Unfortanly, yesterday that did not happen in Ypsilanti and East Lansing.

Incident One

The Detroit Free Press ( reported on the incident that occured in Ypsilanti saying...

"What started as a verbal altercation between two women-- one a Hillary Clinton supporter and the other a Donald Trump supporter-- turned physical at a polling location in Ypsilanti Township this morning after a man pushed one of the women down on the ground."

The Police where called, and de-escalated the situation, no one was arrested for the bawl. It is reported that it is unclear who the man involved in the fight was voting for.

Incident Two

In East Lansing another issue at a polling place accured. This incident was not one of violence but intimidation. A man attempted to stop two woman wearing hijabs from voting. According to a gentleman named Ron Fox sent an e-mail stating what he witnessed...

"I observed a man just outside the door to the polling place. He pulled two women wearing Hijabs out of line ahead of me. When I came level to him, he was examining their voter registration cards and appeared to be attempting to direct them to another polling place. He seemed polite but I did not like that he’d singled out those two women…When I finished voting, there were two polling officials that were asking him to leave. He was refusing. He then entered the polling place, presumably to attempt to obtain permission to remain."

The beauty of our great nation is that we have the right to vote! It does not matter who we are voting for, what we look like, or our relgion. Shame on anyone who would try stop anyone from excerising their American Rights. It is sad that these events happened in our great state.