She just took the witness stand for her peephole video trial

According to DeadSpin, Erin Andrews testified in her $75 million lawsuit against Marriott Nashville, and cried when she remembered learning that there was a nude video of her on the Internet.

She's suing the hotel because the man who took the video and put it on the Internet had asked for a room next to Erin's, and they gave it to him.  She said that if she'd known that, she would have called the cops.

Erin said she still has depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.  She said, "It's going to be on the internet until I die."  Erin was working for ESPN at the time, and she says they pressured her into doing an interview about the video, and wouldn't put her back on the air until she did it.  She finally caved and did "Oprah".  She goes back to the witness stand today.

Photo By: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images