You might have seen the news last week that CBS has renewed virtually all their current series. Since I'm the resident TV buff on the staff, I found this interesting. Because sometimes shows are cancelled and left behind are either an unresolved cliff hanger or simply some story lines that you invested time into and would like a payoff. put together a list of "Eight Canceled Shows That Never Gave Us Resolution."  Here they are:

1.  "Freaks and Geeks".  It lasted one season, but it was quality and had a cult following. And it end just as Lindsay decided to abandon her plan to do an summer school to go chase the Grateful Dead.

2.  "Benson". ran for seven seasons . . . but was canceled after leaving an unresolved cliffhanger in its last episode.  They were just about to announce the election results, when the series just ended on a freeze frame. Not fair.

3.  "Soap". From the same production team as Benson. (in fact, Benson was a spin off of Soap. You can see it here on Ch. 17-2, Antenna TV.  It was canceled after four seasons, leaving multiple cliffhangers, including a suicidal character who was preparing to kill his son and wife after catching them in bed together. Another character was about to walk into an ambush orchestrated by his political enemies . . . and a woman was about to be executed by a Communist firing squad.

4.  "Deadwood".  HBO canceled it after its third season.  Originally, the show's creator was going to create a series of TV movies to resolve the narrative threads, but they never came together.

5.  "Caroline in the City".   It was canceled after its fourth season, but before viewers found out whether Caroline decided to go through with her wedding after she spotted her true love sitting in the pews.

6.  "Twin Peaks".  It was canceled after two seasons.  It was followed by a "Twin Peaks" movie, "Fire Walk with Me" . . . but since it was a PREQUEL, there was no word as to what happened after Dale Cooper's apparent psychotic break.

7.  "FlashForward".  The first season finale was shot before the show was canceled, so the meaning of the "flash-forward" was never explained.

8.  "Awake".  The show, which was about a man living in two worlds, was axed after one season . . . so viewers never found out which world was real life and which was a dream, assuming that's what the point was.