Just a word of warning. The image you will see of me you can't un-see. It's from a DooDah Parade about 20 years ago. I'm really sorry. When you come to the DooDah Parade on Saturday, you'll be seeing several of us as Britney Spears over the years. But this isn't my first rodeo, if you understand what I mean.

Back in the late 90's, amid all the boy bands was a girl band from England, The Spice Girls. Someone, maybe me, thought it would be funny to have me dress up as the sixth Spice Girl, Old Spice.

Courtesy of the Dave Benson Archive

This year's DooDah Parade might just top that. Again, I'm real sorry. Here's some more DooDah Flashback images.

(Courtesy Dave Benson Archive)

The 30-something'd DooDah Parade is Saturday at 11 AM in downtown Kalamazoo.

(Courtesy Dave Benson Archive)