New research shows that your dog understands your words


I always talk to my dog and sometimes it makes me feel crazy, especially when I laugh after realizing how crazy I sound. After reading an article from the NY Times, I still think I'm crazy but, I now know that my dog DOES understand what I'm saying.

A new study out of Hungary took brain scans of dogs when their owners talked to them, and it found they recognize whether the words you say are praising them, disciplining them, or neutral.

The tone of voice you use makes a difference, but they also pick up on body language, and learn words over time.  So even if you say "You're a bad dog" in a sweet voice, they know it's not praise.

"What does it all mean? For dog owners, Dr. Andics said, the findings mean that the dogs are paying attention to meaning, and that you should, too."

Dana Marshall's dog Hendrix, an SPCA rescue, gets nervous, lowers his ears and cowers whenever he hears the eff word.  Dana thinks it is because of how his previous owners treated him because he doesn't cuss that often and he treats Hendrix very well.  So, there you have it!

Tess' dog gets it too