I have been pretty jealous of the fact that my neighobrs put up an awesome swing set in their yard. It has a big swirly slide, lots of swings, and it's made out of beautiful wood.


I feel so bad, when their kids are out there having fun and my daughter asks "Mommy Can We Get One?" Well, I would love to if we had a yard. Don't get me wrong we actually have a huge fenced in yard, but our trees are so massive that we can't grow grass. Not to mention, our dog Kaiya (German Sheppard) runs and poops out there. Gross. So, yeah see my problem.


I need to magically come up with $6500 to get rid of my trees first untill we can even think about playing out there. Maybe I'll quietly play on their slide when I wake up at 4am for work:) They'll never know!