I don't know what to think about this current raging scandal affecting the NFL. But it's amazing how many folks have said to me, "can you believe the President has the State of the Union, there's all this stuff going on all over the world, and only thing anyone is talking about is how these footballs got deflated.

Getty Images Sports; Maddie Meyer

At the same time, it has taken the spotlight off a baby doll being used in a movie. I guess it's amazing how preoccupied we are with minutae.

But if you're kids are asking what the big deal is, good luck with that. I guess the lesson is, maybe there are 51 shades of grey with the truth. Plausible deniability. There's a term that keeps coming up, over and over again.

And if you're old to remember baseball pitcher Gaylord Perry, I saw this on Twitter today. He doctored baseballs and is still in the Baseball Hall of Fame.