A heartbreaking family secret brings a Decatur, Michigan family to the Dr. Phil Show.

I hate to see tragedies happen like this anywhere.  Specially in the village of Decatur, where I grew up.

Last June Earl Nix of Van Buren County was charged with 8 felonies.  Each charge carried a possible life sentence.

Michigan State police say that Nix raped a Decatur girl for 15 years, beginning when the girl was only 10.

In November, Earl Nix was found guilty and sentenced to 23-36 years in prison.

Fast forward to this week.  The family appeared on the Dr. Phil Show.  Even after Earl Nix was found guilty and sentenced, the victim's mother still does not believe the allegations.

It's nothing short of heartbreaking.  I hope the family, specially Amanda, finds peace and happiness.

Here's a clip from the show.