Get ready for the Cut-A-Thon! Salons are getting excited to participate in the cut-a-thons! Every little bit helps and we are so proud to announce a few salons who have already signed up to participate in their own cut-a-thon to raise money for the Community Healing Center and its programs.

·     Cutting Edge Salon & Spa with a cut-a-thon

·     Avon Beauty Center with donation of products

·     Gals and Guys Hairstyling with donation of products

·     Duchess Salon with a possible cut-a-thon and/or donation of product

·     Mark Vanderberg of Vanderberg’s Hair will be a talent and will participate as a stylist for a cut-a-thon at another salon.

If you would like to get your salon involved check out and email Krista Hatcher