His business partner's body was never found...

Radar Online is insinuating that Johnny Depp may have murdered a former business partner 14 years ago. The guy disappeared shortly before he was going to testify against Johnny in a fraud case, and was never found.

For the record, I think this accusation is quite comical but let's entertain the idea.

In 1993, Johnny opened The Viper Room on the Sunset Strip with Anthony Fox.  In 1999, Fox started suspecting that Johnny was secretly stealing money from the club.  And at a hearing in 2003, a judge found that Johnny had "breached his fiduciary duties". But Fox went missing just before he was scheduled to testify and his truck was found abandoned 19 days later, 300 miles from where he was last seen.  And his body was never found.

Photo By: John Phillips/Getty Images