2 years ago this week Danni Allen was crowned Biggest Loser.

Back in January Danni was kind enough to guest host the Retro Lunch with me.  We had a blast.  She even let me wear her Biggest Loser tank top.  You'll notice in one of the pics below, I had a little side boob action.

During her visit we had a dance off, she violently whipped me into shape and we cuddled up to watch a Lifetime Original Movie staring Meredith Baxter Bernie.

Just yesterday I was getting my hair cut when her name came up.  Jessica, my hair stylist, introduced me to one of her co-workers.  Her co-worker said, "I met you at Planet Fitness with Danni Allen."  She went on to comment about how amazing Danni's butt was.  My response..."I know, right?"

I'm realizing my girlfriend reads my blogs so I think I should stop that train of thought.  Now that I think about it.  My girlfriend also commented on the "Danni Derriere"

Anyway, losing 121 pounds to win Biggest Loser is no small feat.  But the most impressive thing about her is that she's never met a stranger.  This girl can work a crowd.  Oh...and the butt.

Seriously, congrats Danni Allen for 2 years of great health and getting other people in shape with you.

Want to get in shape with Danni Allen?  Join her on Start2Fitness by clicking here.

Now please enjoy my moments with the girl who will probably get a restraining order against me soon after reading this blog.

Danni Allen likes what she sees in this vine.  And why wouldn't she?


The Biggest Loser Dance Off.  I think I was the biggest loser this time.


Do you feel the energy here?