Heels made out of comics

Once a week, I will post a video to the KFR YouTube, of me doing “DIY on a Budget”.  You can win a $50 gift card to Cafe Meli in Portage by uploading your latest DIY creation to the KFR Facebook page.  I will choose a winner every Friday morning at 9:00 AM during the show.

Here’s what you crafted this week:

* End Table/Dog Bed

* Loom knitted harry Potter doll

* Comic book heels

* Toilet paper and tree branch wall decor

* Pink camo tie blanket

* Quilt made of scrap fabric

It is SO hard for me to pick just one!  

This Week’s Winner

Big kid at heart,couldn't lose my favorite shoes. Made comic book stilettos! Easy only cost $7.00 for glue,free comic books and game informer books from the kids.Diy old shoes recycle and upcycle!!

Posted by Maya Torres on Monday, March 21, 2016