Breaking News:  Chris Brown has stand-off with police. Warning: This post contains language profanity

Photo By: Bryan Steffy/ Getty Images for Drai's Beachclu

Chris Brown is "trending" on Facebook and Twitter after an apparent stand-off with police.  According to Today, a woman called police claiming he pulled a gun on her at his home.  He refuses to speak to police and has apparently barricaded himself inside what he calls his "palace".  He posted three Instagram videos trying to explain what has happened and also to defend himself.

In the videos, he says that he has done nothing wrong and has no reason to speak with police.  He says there are helicopters and cop cars swarming his home but that this is happening because social media has put a spotlight on him.

That doesn't seem to bother him because he just put out a new music video and he says this attention is only helping his career.  Updates on what authorities are calling a "stand-off" to come.


Chris Brown was arrested after a nine-hour standoff with police at his L.A. home yesterday, and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

The alleged victim's name is Baylee Curran, and she told TMZ she was hanging out at Chris' house with several other people, including Ray J, and everything was cool until she saw a guy at the house selling jewelry.

She went over to admire the stuff, and Chris freaked out, telling her not to get near it.  Then he pulled a gun, pointed it at her, and said, "Get the [eff] out."  That's when she left and called the cops.

The cops got a warrant, around 1:00 P.M., they went inside and started searching, and Chris' friends started coming out of the house and then were patted down and interviewed.  Ray J had left the house earlier.  He was cuffed, and released after talking to the cops.  But he had to Uber home because they took his car as evidence.

At around 2:30 P.M., Chris himself came out and talked to police.  They ended up taking him in and booking him.