Pop Quiz

When you hear this, what do you think of?

Yes, of course it's the Old Spice whistle....which Proctor and Gamble hopes to trademark.  Sounds aren't usually trademarked, but the company says the sound is so unmistakably related to Old Spice, that it should be protected.

The theme is  not the first to be trademarked...here are a few others.  Can you guess the company when I play: (Answers all at the bottom on this page)

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

The Internet is weird.  Really weird.  Proof:  An Australian search firm compiled some of the weirdest searches on Google every month.  Here's the breakdown

  • 1,000 - "How to hide a dead body"
  • 1,900 - "How to get away with murder"
  • 110 - "Cat dating"
  • 290 - "How do I make my cat love me"
  • 18,100 - "Is Lady Gaga a man?"
  • 9,900 - "How to mend a broken heart"
  • 5,400 - "How to have an affair"
  • 40,500 - "why did I get married"
  • 40,400 - "how do I win the lottery"


2.  NBC Chimes  3.  MGM Lion Roar 4. 20th Century Fox Fanfare