The List

10 signs a guy is shady....

From our oversexed friends at Cosmo.

  • He winks more than he smiles
  • Can't go to the bathroom without taking his cell phone with him
  • Goes to a strip club for lunch
  • Says all of his exes are "crazy"
  • Wears socks and sandals
  • Doesn't like pizza or beer
  • Has more hair products than you
  • Doesn't have any messages in his email inbox or outbox
  • Won't tell you any details about his day
  • Doesn't take you out in public


Guys, how about we turn this around... signs a girl is shady.  I'll start

  • She's 30 and still calls her dad "daddy!"
  • Stuffed animals cover every inch of the bed
  • Instead of laughing, she literally says "lol"

You take it from here....

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

A new app promises to get you through a thousand page book in a matter of hours.  It's called Spritz and will be included on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2 Watch.  The app flashes one word at a time on the screen with emphasis on a certain part of the word to make it easily understandable.

No more shifting your head from left to right.  It really is amazing, and I hope they offer it up as a stand alone app.  Check out the demos here