Today is Love Your Pet Day.  I think we all love our pets, at least I hope so.  

Some folks take it to another level, though.  Sweaters, spas, jewelry, that kind of thing.  How bad do you spoil your dog or cat?

Spoiler Alert!!!!
I know many DVR'd the Women's Gold Medal hockey game this afternoon. If you know me, you know how much I love hockey. I hope this game today and the one tomorrow make more fans for hockey. While the ending today wasn't what we were hoping for, it sure was a great game.
Some won't get this joke, but let's try. There's a 101-yr old man in Sarasota, FL who is running for Congress. His supporters are waging a write-in campaign because there was no room for anyone from the Whig Party. (Tip you servers. Good night, folks.)

The List

10 things men should never doFrom Men's Health online....

  • Check your cell phone in bed
  • Ask for a kiss
  • Wear low-rise jeans
  • Mess with another guy's car
  • Snoop through her email, closets, or medicine chest
  • Keep a home-run ball by the opposing team
  • Talk politics with new friends
  • Talk salary
  • Hang anything, from your cellphone to your keys, on your  belt
See the rest here