I can't think of another comedian who made me laugh harder than John Pinette.

You may have seen the news that John Pinette had died over the weekend. He was only 50. Most people probably know him best for playing Howie, the guy who gets robbed in the Seinfeld finale. His trademark standup routine was the Chinese Buffet. "You been heah four howah. You go now!"

Every obituary and reminiscence I've seen said he was the kindest, nicest man, too. I was lucky enough to see his stand up routine over twenty years ago. I'd seen him on MTV and then he's opening for Frank Sinatra at the Palace of Auburn Hills. No kidding. Have no idea how that bill came together, but the man was funny. Here's a couple of other of his routines that are on YouTube. God, he was funny. RIP, John Pinette.