Winter is time of year for cold and snow and sometimes getting stuck in your vehicle on the side of the road.

It's important to be prepared for the worst. I put this kit together myself and you can really add anything you'd like. I just picked some things I already had on hand and others you can even find at a Dollar Store.

1. Shovel - To help dig yourself out of a large pile of snow ( Had to do this the other day myself lol )

2. Kitty Litter - This will help wth traction after you dig your tires out of the pile of snow.

3. Snow brush/ scraper combo - This is always great for scraping ice off the windows and snow off the vehicle. ( I'm sure most of you already have this )

4. Warm blanket - This is good for when you are really stuck and have to wait for help and your vehicle isn't running. ( Trust me ... I know )

5. Flashlight - This is especially helpful if you are stranded at night and your car is completely dead and you are waiting for help. ( Let that light shine so people can find you )

Like I mentioned above, this is just my version of an emergency winter travel kit. Get creative and add anything you think might be helpful if you are stranded or stuck.

Safe travels this winter.