I am addicted to coffee...There's an app for that:) I like this idea, but I'm not going to wait 30 minutes until my next cup!

There's a new coffee app that you can download that actually lets you redeem all you can drink coffee at certain coffee shops. The cost of the app is $45 a month and it was started by a group of high school students. Unfortunately, it is only available around New York and Brookln.

CUPS costs $45, but for that monthly fee the app lets you redeem all-you-can-drink coffee at a network of partner coffee shops. Started by a group of high school friends, it debuted in Tel Aviv in 2012. Now it's making its American debut, partnering with about 30 independent coffee shops around New York and Brooklyn.

How it works: You download the app, create an account and pick your location. Once there, choose your drink — anything from unlimited brew, drip, pour over or filtered coffee, or tea — and give your payment code to the cashier. For an upgrade of $85 a month, you can also choose unlimited espresso drinks.