This past May a Black Bear was sighted in the Plainwell area, and now according to upnorthlive dogs are being attacked by Black Bears.

"Recent black bear encounters have resulted in multiple dogs being sent to the vets office over the course of the last week.

Local experts say that the main reason these dangerous encounters are happening is because the black bears are getting ready to hibernate."

I looked on the website the washingtonpost and wikihow to see what you can do to protect yourself from a bear attack and in the horrible case that you are attacked what can you do

Here are 5 ways to keep your family and pets safe from a Black Bear attack...

1. Put all bird feeders away, the seed will attract the Bear to your property.

2. Do not leave garbage out (make sure it is properly disposed of)

3. Do not wear a lot of perfume, hairspray, etc. A bear can not really tell the difference between those scents and food.

4. While hiking, stay in large groups, bears are less likely to take an interest when there are many people around.

5. Carry pepper spray, it just might give you few added seconds to get away.

Now, when you are in trouble and the bear is behaving aggressively towards you never turn and run from the animal. Face the Bear, walk slowly backwards, clap your hands and yell.