I hardly ever go to movies anymore. The cgi hero blockbusters have gotten boring, and if there's something else interesting, I have Netflix. But I saw the commercials for "Draft Day" and I wanted to see it. FWIW, this is what I thought of it.

Kathy and I loved Draft Day. They tell a compelling story, plenty of drama and it had me from the beginning (didn't feel the need to check my phone). Football story for the guys, and relationship story angle for the women. (A little over 140 characters)

FYI... less chick-flick-y than Costner's "For Love of the Game". Also, lots a famous  cameos. And some trivia for you movie buffs. The guy who plays Ray, the team's security guy, was Cameron Diaz's brother in Something About Mary. Also Frank Langella and Kevin Dunn were the bad guys in "Dave". And of local interest, Terry Crews ("Brooklyn Nine-Nine") played football and more at Western. And playing his son, Arian Foster, real life football player for the Houston Texans.