It's time to let your 'Freak Flag' fly at Bell's Brewery this Friday (December 9th) for 'Eccentric Day'.


The tradition stated 14 years ago by owner Larry Bell who just wanted to share beer with friends. Larry decided to dress up in a wacky outfit and it has been history ever since. reported...

 "This is not a costume party, however. The point is to 'come as you aren't'. "Come as your alter ego, letting out that person who you don't let show very often", explained owner Laura Bell. "Halloween costumes are a cop-out. Eccentric Day is not Halloween, it is a chance to focus on your creativity and your alter ego."

Throughout the day 60 different beers will be rotating at the bar, including some new releases like...

"-Batch 1500

-Bourbon Barrel Aged 30th Anniversary

-L'Appel Du Vide-Saskatoon

-The Raspberry Wild One


If that is not enough to intrigue you to take part, there is also a free buffet that will last until it runs out. Some of the interesting foods you can look forward to are..

"funky fresh fruit

-chocolate covered bacon

-Scotch eggs, pickled eggs and deviled eggs

-charcuterie, breads and cheeses"

There are not many rules; entrance is free, but you must be dressed up as your alter ego!

Can't wait to see what Dave Benson is gonna dress up as!