It's something you have to be very very careful with, but Dragon's Milk to some beer drinkers is like the Holy Grail of Stouts. This weekend, it's cousin, Dragon's Milk with Raspberry-Lemon is coming our way.

New Holland Brewing's summer Dragon’s Milk Reserve of 2016 is Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon. This limited release variant of New Holland’s year-round, Bourbon Barrel Stout, is currently hitting shelves and taps in locations where New Holland is sold. This reserve blend is aged in bourbon barrels for three months, with Michigan raspberries and lemon zest added during aging.

“We knew our third Dragon’s Milk Reserve variant needed to be something perfect for the summer season,” says Brett VanderKamp, president of New Holland. “Our brewers surprised us with this one and we were amazed how well the flavors and aromas came together to work with Dragon’s Milk. The raspberries bring a depth to Dragon’s Milk that we love and the lemon zest kicks up the fruit aromas and provides a unique, bright, and exciting experience. Our brewers nailed it.”

New Holland Pub on 8th, in Holland will host an official release party for Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon on Saturday, (June 25). The beer will be on tap at the main bar and available for purchase by the 6pack and case in their Sidecar retail location in Downtown Holland. Dragon’s Milk flights also available. Doors open at 11am, no max on bottle purchases.

The fourth and final 2016 variant is scheduled to release in October.

All reserves will be released through all locations in which New Holland distributes. To find Dragon’s Milk Reserve Raspberry Lemon in your area, use our Beer & Spirits Finder or ask your local retailer.

First released in 2001, Dragon’s Milk was one of the early bourbon barrel-aged stouts in the US. The barrel-aging scene has since exploded. Once a single-batch annual release, Dragon’s Milk has become New Holland’s largest selling year-round beer, gaining accolades and recognition internationally, including a silver medal in the Brussels Beer Challenge.

In 2015, New Holland renovated its production facility to expand its Dragon’s Milk cellar where more than 3,500 oak barrels can reside at one time.