I would like to introduce you to my second favorite artist of all time...

Being my second favorite artist is no small order.  #1 is music legend Prince.  Not to mention, I have such a WIDE variety of music genres I listen to.

Anyway, the artist I'm talking about isn't exactly a WKFR artist.  His name is Freedy Johnston.  Most people know him from his 90's hit "Bad Reputation" or the music he did for the "King Pin" Soundtrack.

This guy's songwriting kicks my ass.  Here's a picture of the first time we met.  This was in Indianapolis in 2010.  That autographed guitar currently hangs in my office here at the 103.3 KFR studio.s

I'm not sure what the "rules" are about being a fan and being a friend.  But I am lucky enough that I can call him a friend now.  Great guy.  Great music!

FYI...I'm not trying to pimp an artist to you.  But if you're into the singer/songwriter thing.  You might wanna check him out.  And I'll go on being a crazed fan...I mean friend. ;)