What a brave, smart little girl!

4-Year-old Calise Manning from Kalamazoo made national news because of her quick reaction when her mom, Centerria Manning who's nine-months pregnant, started having a seizure on Wednesday, Jan. 21.

Calise did exactly what her mom taught her to do: After seeing her mom fall, Calise grabbed the phone and calmly called 911, according to WWMT Newschannel 3. She gave the 911 operator her full name and address, so emergency personnel could get there as quick as possible.

"She's shaking, and she's having a baby," the little girl told the 911 dispatcher.

After being on the phone for more than seven minutes, she even opened the door as paramedics showed up.

"I was so proud of her, because we practiced and because I am epileptic I teach her my address and my full name, and things like that and how to dial 911," her mom told WWMT Newschannel 3.

Wow, I am impressed! It's hard enough to get a 4 year old to sit in one spot for seven minutes. Her parent needs to teach a class on how to teach your kids to respond to an emergency!

Whats even better? Two days later — on Friday — Calise's healthy baby brother TJ was born.

"He's cute and I really love him," Calise said.

Watch the video: