With the awful storms on Saturday that produced tornadoes in Van Buren County, it got me thinking about how to keep our pets safe during a disaster. According to the Humane Society, here is what you need to do...

#5 Bring all pets inside.

#4 Keep an emergency pack of supplies for the pet, things like, food, water, treats, puppy pads, cat litter and box, and a create for the animals protection.

#3 Make sure the pet is wearing a collar.

#2 Practice getting into a safe area with the animal. Also close off spaces that the animal may tend to hide is scared.

#1 Take special care to the pet after the storm. Pets are very stressed after a disaster because everything smells and looks different.

On a side note the article made a point of reminding us that if we have to evacuate take the pet supply emergency kit with you.

Below is a from the video from the American Veterinary Medical Association explaining everything you may need to know on how to care for your animals during a disaster.