With the rainy fall weather I started to think about my favorite fall comfort foods.

My mom always cooked dinner for the family. In the summer is was salads, burgers, or something else off the grill. Once fall moved in, it was amazing comfort foods to this day I crave as the leaves change. Here are my top 5 comfort foods...

#5 Beefstew


 #4 Homemade Mac and Cheese; my mom always did something special with it and she won't give up the recipe.

R Rob M Ferguson/tsm

#3 Chili; a classic! Spicy, mild, beef, or chicken, it's all good in my book!


#2 Meatloaf. I remember Kidd O'Shea (my old morning show partner) had never had it before and he poked it with a fork and said "what exactly is meatloaf"? My response was simple..."it's a loaf of meat".

Paul Cowan/tsm

And my personal favorite Fall comfort food...

Apple Pie!

Robyn Mackenzie/tsm

As Fall sets in, spoil yourself with comfort food! Heck, big sweaters are just around the corner so you can hide the extra 5 pounds you might gain.