Are you looking for good Halloween costume ideas?  Maybe we can help.

Here are the 5 best Halloween costume ideas for 2016.

#5.  Ryan Lochte - AKA Swim Shady is a no brainer this year.  Extra points if you can carry around a lie detector.  Here's Jimmy Fallon on this year's MTV VMA's as Ryan Lochte.

MTV VMA's - YouTube


#4.  David Bowie - He was a ground breaking artist in every since of the word.  He passed away in January of this year.  His old Ziggy Stardust look would be a killer costume for any gender.
Check out the David Bowie Makeup Tribute video from Claire Dim below.

Claire Dim - YouTube


#3.  Donald Trump - This costume will be HUGE!  It'll be the best costume you've ever seen.  Watch Jimmy Fallon as Donald Trump below.

Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - YouTube


#2.  Prince - 2 years ago I dressed up as Prince.  Since his passing last April, I have a feeling this will be a popular one.


#1.  Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad!
The picture below is from a very cool Harley Quinn makeup tutorial by Alexa Poletti.

Alexa Poletti - Youtube



Bonus Video: What To Wear For Halloween?