Take control of your anxiety

Cheatsheet.com came up with three techniques to help you worry less.

It’s best to save that emotional capital for big life anxieties that deserve all that pent up energy. There is no use worrying about the things you can’t change or getting worked up over small tasks. Work is work, and understanding that it will always be stressful is the first thing you need to admit in order to free yourself of the unnecessary feeling of anxiety.


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    Take An Exercise Break

    If you have the time and can go to the gym during your lunch break, it’s a great way to relieve your anxiety and get a good workout in. Try doing some cardio, which can be very effective at lessening the severity of your anxiety. You’ll also end up feeling a little happier afterward.

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    Find A Friendly Face To Talk To

    Finding a friendly face to chat with for a little while is a very effective way to distract yourself from your anxieties, and it helps get you out of your head, which can be your worst enemy if you’re feeling anxious. Find a co-worker you like or get someone you know, love, or trust on the phone and don’t be afraid to express that you’re feeling anxious. This is why it’s so important to have supportive friends and family in your life to boost your confidence. It’s something we all need.

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    Listen To Music

    As long as your workplace allows it, stick your earbuds in and listen to some music (KFR PLEASE :P) for a little while. There is nothing like listening to your favorite tunes to put your mind more at ease. Make sure you also listen to music that represents the way you want to feel or would like to feel, such as happy or relaxing music.

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