This morning I walked down into my office (by office I mean cubical in the basement) to talk to my buddy Eric. All of the sudden, I saw a mouse scurry out of the bathroom, past me and into a co-workers office (a real office). Of course, being the girl that I am I screamed and jumped onto a chair. Eric, unfortunately was on the phone and hung up immediately to see what happened.

Here are the responses I got regarding the "mouse incident"...

#1 (and I think my favorite) Eric: "What?! A Snake?" Excuse me, a SNAKE?!?!?!?! Rumor has it that at one time there were snakes in the basement....gulp....I can't even deal with that idea at this time.

#2 The other Eric here: "Cool".

#3 And my boy Benson:"I am sorry"  (you can tell he has dealt with women for some time).

Needless to say I told Dana Marshall to shove over cause I will be moving into his office asap.