From the national Ashley Madison hack's Kalamazoo impact to the "Battle Creek High School Prank," was a big part of getting you the stories you wanted to read and share in 2015.

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I used Google Analytics to find the stories on with the most unique page views to come up with the Top 10 stories of 2015.

#20 Is Kalamazoo's Henderson Castle Really Haunted?

#19 What Color is This Dress?

#18 2 Mom's Parody of "I'm Not Fancy"

#17 It's Wedding Season

#16 How to Know a Guy is Interested When He's Texting You

#15 5 Best Pizza Places in Kalamazoo

#14 These Two Have Been Breaking Into Kalamazoo Cars & Homes

#13 Top 5 Beaches in Southwest Michigan

#12 Holy Shiner

#11 Public Sex Leads to Child Porn Bust in Coldwater

#10 103.3 KFR Tells Krista Hatcher Goodbye

#9 Lamar Odom Update

#8 Kalamazoo, MI Getting National Attention

#7 Kalamazoo's "Westnedge Hill" Local Smash

#6 Will Harvey's Wedding

#5 Diva Deck Photos

#4 Longtime Kalamazoo Staple, Wayside, To Close 

#3 Ashley Madison Scandal in Kalamazoo

#2 Battle Creek High School Prank

#1 Kalamazoo's Most Expensive House For Sale