Only in Michigan can we say these words and people understand!


G.W. & C Colton and Co/ Library of Congress

Growing up in Michigan we use phrases and words that we don't even realize are unique to only the mitten state! We all know that soda is called pop, but have you caught yourself using these statements? has a great list of Michigan sayings! Here are the best...

Top 15 Word Or Phrases That Are Unique To Michigan

  1. "The Bridge" - of course that refers to the Mackinaw Bridge
  2. "The Cottage" - it's a place Up North that we go to reboot and enjoy summer, or hunt.
  3. "Euchre" - best game ever, and you can't find it anywhere else then Michigan.
  4. "Glovebox" -- a glove compartment in your car.
  5. "Doorwell" - a sliding glass door.
  6. "Hourlies" - hourly factory workers
  7. "Party Store" - liquor store.
  8. "Pasty" - the delicious meat filled pasty good!
  9. "Michigan Left" - a right turn immediately followed by a left turn.
  10. "The Soo" - refers to Sault Sainte Marie
  11. "The Thumb" - the thumb shaped area of the Lower Peninsula.
  12. "Up North" - were you "Cottage" is.
  13. "Townies" - residents of small Northern town (not nice to call anyone).
  14. "Beeyemites" - referring to people who live in Birmingham.
  15. "Fudgies" - tourist on Mackinac Island